2014 - Ozarks High Adventure Trip




This is a 6 night - 7 day tour to the Ozarks in Missouri.   The Trip will travel through St. Louis, stopping to tour to the top of the St. Louis Arch.   We will then travel on to Eminence, Missouri, to stay at Pulltite Camp Ground. There we stay six nights, returning home on Saturday.



Day 1 Travel – and St. Louis Arch Tour (6 Hours to Arch plus 3 more to Park) 
Day 2 Settling into campsite and touring local attractions (Devils Well, Fire Tower, Water hole
Day 3 Canoeing to our Campsite from upstream on the current river
Day 4 Canoeing downstream from the campsite
Day 5 We’ll do some caving at either Round Springs Cavern or through the local Grotto.
Day 6 We’ll spend the day kayaking on the Jacks Fork River
Day 7 Pack and head home

 Required Forms

Ozarks Permission Slip

BSA Health Forms A-C

Ozarks Flyer


Fishing License - Click Here

Packing List and Itinerary



June 7th - Meeting 7:00 am Leave 7:30 am


June 14- MIS Parking Lot 6:00 pm



A high estimated cost for the adventure will be $350 per person. We are trying to estimate high for the sake of budgeting. All final costs will be based on what activities the person chooses to do. Unspent money will be refunded to the scout accounts.
Final Payments due by June 3rd
Need Shirt Sizes  S, M, L, XL, 2XL

Main Activities:   Canoeing 2 days, Kayaking 1 Day, Caving 1 day
Side Activities:  Rappelling, Zip Lining,  Swimming, Fishing, and Hiking.
Primary Contact: John Reynolds (513-207-2288)
Camping Location: Pulltite Campground - Ozark National Scenic Riverways, Missouri