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Warm Weather Campout List



IMPORTANT => All equipment and personal items MUST be marked for identification <= IMPORTANT

Required Items
Completed medical forms signed by parent or legal guardian, physician and Scoutmaster
A copy is maintained by the Scoutmaster.  Yearly updates are required (January).
Completed permission slip signed by parent or legal guardian.
Personal medication
Dosage and directions to be listed on permission slip.
Money for food and/or event participation
At least one (1) seasonal jacket
Even some summer nights get cold
At least one (1) long sleeve shirt or hooded sweatshirt
Seasonal, Colder months will require more than (1)
Hiking boots
Heavy duty, All leather upper sections with high ankle support.   Light duty, hiking shoes that look like tennis shoes.
Extra pair of shoes or boots
Seasonal, Warmer months - wet weather, Colder months - wet and cold weather
At least one (1) seasonal shirt per day
Seasonal shirts related to Scouting activities preferable.  Other plain brown or green shirts acceptable
At least one (1) seasonal pair of pants/shorts per day
Seasonal, Warmer months - shorts, Colder months, long pants
At least one (1) pair of long pants
Seasonal, Colder months will require more than (1)
At least two (2) pair of socks per day
Selection of wool, polyester, cotton
At least one (1) change of underwear per day
Light-duty gloves
Seasonal, used for light-duty work and sleeping
Sleeping hat
Seasonal, used for sleeping
Sleeping bag or bedding
Seasonal weight
Sleeping pad
Foam padding for use when camping in tents.
Poncho or raincoat
Hand towel and washcloth
Soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, and comb
Other personal toiletries
Flashlight and extra batteries
Mess kit
Eating utensils, cup, and dish
Canteen or Water Bottle
Equipment tub, duffel bag, or backpack
Depends on the activity
Personal first aid kits
Scout Handbook
Notepaper, pen or pencil
One (1) Complete Class A Scout Uniform Shirt
Class A: Scout Shirt (with patches sewn on).
One (1) Complete Class B Scout Uniform
Class B: Troop 194 Scout T-Shirt, Troop 194 Hat, long or short khaki pants.
Scout Web Belt
Troop 194 supplied rope and carabineer
As directed by Patrol Leader

Seasonal weather for Spring and Fall includes preparing for BOTH Hot and Cold Weather

Optional Items
Hiking stick
Hiking backpack
Day pack or school bag (1st year Scouts), Older Scouts large pack with internal or external frame)
Pocket or folding knife
Signed TOT'N'CHIP card required (Sheath knives are not allowed)
Matches or fire starters
Signed Firemanchip card required (No chemical fluids allowed)
Religious materials
Heavy duty folding lawn chair
Small pillow
Swimming trunks and large towel
Mosquito repellent
Seasonal, roll-on or cream - No aerosol allowed
Sun Screen
Seasonal, SPF 15 or higher
Long or thermal underwear
Signal whistle
Hiking campouts
Playing cards
Electronic games items, radios, cell phones and CD players are not allowed
Personal snacks
Healthy snack items kept in individually sealed pertions (Candy, soda pop, and items requiring refrigeration are not allowed)
Any specific merit badge or advancement materials
As approved by Scoutmaster or Senior Patrol Leader

IMPORTANT => All equipment and personal items MUST be marked for identification <= IMPORTANT