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Job Description:
The Troop Quartermaster is the Troop's supply boss. He keeps an inventory of Troop equipment and sees that the gear is in good condition. He works with Patrol Quartermasters as they check out equipment and return it, and at meetings of the Patrol Leader's Council reports on the status of equipment in need of replacement and repair. In carrying out his responsibilities he may have the guidance of the Troop Committee's Equipment Chair.
Reports to: The Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
Troop Quartermaster duties:
·         Keep records on patrol and troop equipment.
·         Keep equipment in good repair.
·         Issue equipment and see that it is returned in good order.
·         Suggest new or replacement items.
·         Work with the troop committee member responsible for equipment.
·         Have good attendance at Troop meeting.
·         Attends at least 2/3 of the monthly events during his service period.
·         Set a good example.
·         Enthusiastically wear the Scout Uniform correctly.
·         Live by the Scout Oath and Law.
·         Show Scout spirit.


Quartermaster Expectations:
Immediately upon taking the role of Quartermaster, you should perform a complete inventory of all troop gear. This can be completed with the former Quartermaster to ensure that all gear is accounted for when the new Quartermaster takes over.
The first thing a Quartermaster should do:
  • Complete an entire inventory of all equipment.
  • Identify any missing or damaged equipment and have the Scoutmaster sign-off on any missing equipment at the start of his term.
  • Ensure that new gear is ordered and damaged gear is replaced.
As a Quartermaster completes his elected term, he should:
  • Turn over the roll of Quartermaster and all associated materials for performing the work to the new Quartermaster.  
  • Ensure that the Inventory is the same as when he took over the role and that the gear is in the same shape. 
  • Ensure that the trailer for the gear is well organized and clean.
After each campout:
  • The Quartermaster should clean and organize the trailer
  • Check out tents and tarps to be cleaned or dried out to patrols
  • Ensure that all gear is returned, cleaned and complete
Every three months:
  • Completely clean the trailer and review all the equipment to ensure it’s in proper working order
After the November campout:
  • Complete an inventory and a list of missing equipment and gear
  • Identify any missing equipment and have the equipment coordinator order new equpment.
  • Ensure all gear is returned, repaired, and/or replace before next election.